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If you would like to learn more about the advantages of pre-arranging funeral services for you, a friend or family member please contact us today.

Pre-arranging a funeral establishes your wishes ahead of time. It is a thoughtful decision that relieves the unnecessary indecision and uncertainty at the time of death. In addition, some people have definite preferences and want to be sure that their family, clergy and funeral director know their wishes. And yet others want to have all of their financial affairs in order.

There are three levels of pre-arranging.

  1. The first is to simply record vital information that will be kept on record at our facility. This information contains special dates and information that we will use to complete an obituary. In addition, preferences concerning the funeral service are recorded so that specific wishes can be carried out.
  2. The second level includes selecting specific services and merchandise associated with the funeral service. This may include a casket, outer burial container, clothing, urn, cremation container, or other merchandise.
  3. The third level involves pre-funding the funeral expenses. This allows you to set aside resources to cover future funeral expenses. It is important to know that you can pre-arrange as little or as much as you and your family feel comfortable.

Why pre-arranging with E. Merrill Smith Funeral Home, Inc. is the right choice.

We are licensed funeral directors experienced in presenting all of the options available to you.

  • We offer the widest range of price options available. Our prices represent an ideal combination of moderate price and superior quality. What’s more, the sincere attention you will receive along with value added services routinely provided free of charge, will help you arrange the best possible experience for your family.
  • We provide the widest range of pre-funding options to fit your personal financial situation.
  • 100% of your funds are invested toward your funeral expenses. Your money is protected by an irrevocable burial agreement. This offers you the protection that the money cannot be withdrawn for any purpose other than for your funeral expenses.
  • We provide stability of over 130 years of service and five generations of professional experience to help you.

Funeral Director

Joseph J. Stevens III


Joseph J. Stevens III